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Reading: Fluency

From Phonics to Fluency to Proficient Reading: Helping all students achieve competence in two key areas of the reading curriculum.

Word decoding and meaning (phonics and word study) and fluency in reading have been found to be key elements of any successful reading program (National Reading Panel). Despite their importance many students fail to achieve sufficiently in these areas and many teachers do not feel completely competent in their knowledge and teaching of these reading components. In this workshop, Dr. Tim Rasinski will provide theoretical and research background and definition to phonics and fluency. He will share approaches to assessing and monitoring progress in these key aspects of reading. Finally, he will share effective and engaging strategies for teaching these all-important reading components that will move students toward better comprehension and greater proficiency in reading.

Instructional Level: Beginners to Advanced

Learner Outcomes:

A greater understanding of:

  1. the role of reading fluency in the reading curriculum and students' overall reading achievement.
  2. the key components of reading fluency
  3. how to assess the various components of reading fluency
  4. specific and proven instructional methods for teaching fluency
  5. how to integrate reading fluency into the school and clinical curricula.

Presented by: Tim Rasinski

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