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Small Group Instruction

Guided Reading Rocks: New and Innovative Guided Reading Lessons

How can you infuse new life into your guided reading lessons and make them more student centered? What are some new techniques that really motivate students while building comprehension? And what about the rest of the class, what are they doing while you are working with small groups? Try these research based lessons that will help you improve your student's reading comprehension while engaging them every moment of the lesson. Lori Oczkus shares lessons that span the grade levels (1-6) and that can be used with any text. Also, she will provide a unique models for fiction and nonfiction.

The ever burning issue of what the rest of the class is doing will be addressed through many unique "smartwork" (S. Page) ideas that can become familiar routines in your classroom. Come join Lori for a new look at guided reading that will send you away with practical lessons you'll return to again and again! Lori will share many guided reading ideas from both of her best selling comprehension books - Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension (International Reading Association, 2003) and Super Six Comprehension Strategies: 35 Lessons and More For Reading Success (Christopher Gordon, 2004).

Presented by: Lori Oczkus

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