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Small Group Instruction

Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Strategies for Dramatically Improving Reading Comprehension

Many students decode and yet don't comprehend what they read. How can we improve the comprehension of all students, especially our struggling readers? The Fabulous Four, or reciprocal teaching strategies (Palincsar and Brown), predict, question, clarify, summarize, work as a powerful package to begin to yield dramatic results in reading comprehension in as little as 15 days! Lori Oczkus will share her very best lessons for using reciprocal teaching strategies with the whole class during shared reading, in guided reading with small groups, and in literature circles. Creative ways to incorporate and improve comprehension while differentiating instruction for a wide range of learners will be presented.During the workshop Lori will demonstrate proven and practical lessons that are designed to boost the comprehension scores of all your readers. Step by step explanations and lessons from Lori's best selling book Reciprocal Teaching at Work: Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension will be shared. Lori will also share new and motivating lessons from her continual work in classrooms across the country.

Presented by: Lori Oczkus

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