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Reading: Nonfiction

Information Circles
Meet Joy Scurlock... [download/view file...]

A Clear Summary
Summarizing is a challenging strategy that involves many subskills like finding main ideas, paraphrasing, telling the important points in order, and being concise. This inviting lesson motivates all your students to summarize in fiction or nonfiction texts.
Meet Lori Oczkus... [download/view file...]

Whisper Skim and Scan, or Word POP
This easy prereading strategy helps students predict upcoming vocabulary and content especially when the text doesn't have many illustrations.
Meet Lori Oczkus... [download/view file...]

Survey Nonfiction
Meet Teresa Therriault... [download/view file...]

Pulling It All Together: Patterns of Text Structure in Informational Texts
Meet Teresa Therriault... [download/view file...]

Informational Text Features
Meet Jan McCall... [download/view file...]

ABC Books
Meet Yvonne Aarden... [download/view file...]

Key Word Strategy
This four-step strategy for learning and sharing new words helps students stay excited about their reading.
Meet Linda Hoyt... [download/view file...]

Questions for Raising Levels of Cognition
Meet Richard Marchesani... [download/view file...]