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Teresa Therriault

Brief Biography

Teresa Therriault, (pronounced Terry-o), loved being a fourth grader and aspired to be a veterinarian-nun. Some things have changed since then, because Teresa has been a teacher for over thirty years as a special needs, classroom, talented and gifted, and Title 1 teacher in elementary and middle schools. In addition, she has been a literacy facilitator and District Language Arts Specialist. Teresa and her husband have relocated from the San Diego area back to Portland, Oregon where she travels as a Literacy Consultant. Teresa likes a balance in her life between work and play and laughter permeates both. One of her favorite quotes comes from George Bernard Shaw when he said, "Oh to be seventy again."

Workshop Topics Available

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Color Photograph Available

Click the following link to download the photograph. When the photo comes up in your browser, right-click the image, then choose the option to save it to your hard drive. [download/view file...]

Teresa's Tools & Tips

Survey (nonfiction) [download/view lesson...]

Looking at Affect [download/view lesson...]

Put It All Together [download/view lesson...]

Expository Pyramid[download/view lesson...]

Damante Poem[download/view lesson...]

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