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Barbara Swanson Sanders

Brief Biography

Barbara Sanders graduated from Augustana College in 1970 and left her hometown of Rock Island, Illinois to come to Oregon, hoping to find a teaching job! She landed in an open-space team-teaching school where she taught kindergarten and grades 1-3 while getting her Master in Library Science...that degree led her into the centralized library of another open-space school, where she helped develop flexible library scheduling and student-centered checkout (before computers!). She opened Catalyst Bookstore in 1988 and for the next 14 years helped the teachers, librarians, and parents of the Northwest keep up with the growing field of children's and YA literature; she is now an adjunct professor at Concordia University in the field of children's literature, where she has been instrumental in the development of the NW Center of Children's Literature. She is married to Steve, they have 6 children ranging in age from 12-30; and, joy of joys, 3 grandchildren! She loves to travel and reading everyday is a must!

Workshop Topics Available

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Color Photograph Available

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Barbara's Tools & Tips

What Are You Reading? [download/view lesson...]

Concept Books [download/view lesson...]

Helping Children Choose the Books They'll Love [download/view lesson...]

Research Skills Overview [download/view lesson...]

A Sample Semantic Features Grid [download/view file...]

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