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Lori Jamison

Brief Biography

Lori Jamison is a teacher, K-12 curriculum consultant, and author. She has also worked for her Department of Education as a test developer. Lori has written five professional books (as Lori Jamison Rog). One of the few classroom practitioners to have served on the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association. Currently, Lori works as a private educational consultant, speaking at professional development events, and working with teacher leaders on district literacy initiatives. She is known for her dynamic presentations full of research-based content and practical, teacher-friendly ideas.

The mother of one daughter and three stepsons (and grandmother of one), Lori lives with her husband, author Paul Kropp, in an 1880 Victorian townhouse. Their marriage has survived many household renovation projects and collaboration on one professional book about teaching writing. In between projects, Lori loves to read, write, sing and shop.

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Color Photograph Available

Click the following link to download a color photograph of Lori. When the photo comes up in your browser, right-click the image, then choose the option to save it to your hard drive. [download/view file...]

Lori's Tools & Tips

The TAG Conference [download/view file...]

Clicks and Clunks in Reading [download/view file...]

Roll a Response [download/view file...]

Traffic Light Transition Words [download/view file...]

Don't Tell Me, Show Me! [download/view file...]

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