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Mary Howard

Brief Biography

Dr. Mary Howard is a powerhouse consultant and dynamic seminar leader. She has often been described as a "teachers' teacher," gifted with a special insight into classroom realities and a master at translating research into practice. An educator for almost four decades, she combines extensive experiences as a special education, Title 1 and Reading Recovery™ teacher and continues to provide in-school support as a reading consultant and literacy coach. She is the author of RTI from All Sides: What Every Teacher Needs to Know (Heinemann, 2009). Her seminars are fast paced and inspiring, filled with rich literacy strategies that can be immediately implemented across the curriculum. Mary understands classrooms of today and has supported teachers in all fifty states in creating high quality literacy experiences. Her no-nonsense approach gives teachers a deeper understanding of the learning process, enabling them to transform the teaching process into a powerful tool to maximize the potential of every child.

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Color Photograph Available

Click the following link to download a color photograph of Mary. When the photo comes up in your browser, right-click the image, then choose the option to save it to your hard drive. [download/view file...]

Mary's Tools & Tips

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