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Barry Hoonan

Brief Biography

Barry Hoonan loves his balance of teaching in the classroom and sharing his struggles, stories and strategies in workshops with teachers. For 25 years, Barry has taught a range of students – from first through seventh grade – and has taught in Great Britain three times on a Fulbright Teacher Exchange. He currently teaches a 5th/6th grade class. Barry was awarded the 2004 Edwin A. Hoey Award for Outstanding Educator in the English Language Arts by the National Council of Teachers of English.

Barry prides himself in his work with teachers and kids and notes his selection by Maryland Public Television as one of eight middle school classrooms in the nation featured in a professional development series on teaching literature for the Annenberg/CPB Channel as a professional highlight.

Barry serves as a consultant to school districts conducting reading, poetry, writing and arts integration workshops, and has also worked with a cadre of teachers and administrators looking at effective formative assessment strategies.

Barry is a contributor to Literature Circles & Response (Christopher Gordon) and is a co-author with Drs. Jerome Harste, Beth Berghoff and Kathryn Egawa of Inquiries of Multiple Ways of Knowing (NCTE).

Barry's insights and notions of learning continue to expands as he watches his fifteen year-old daughter, Isabelle, pen her whimsical musings on life, and his ten year-old son, Keats, whirl around a room with endless energy and with a deep devotion to finding rhythm and a decent beat.

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Color Photograph Available

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Barry's Tools & Tips

Ideas and Strategies for Creating a Powerful Workshop Environment [download/view file...]

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